Hot dishes seem to taste even better in winter. Here we showcase some popular winter meals that are often paired with sake.

Stewed foods:

Fish fillets and vegetables are stewed in soy sauce, mirin, and broth. Oden fish boiled in soy sauce, meat and potato stew, and chicken stew with taro, carrot, burdock, and other ingredients are all popular winter dishes. In particular, oden (various ingredients stewed in a soy-flavored broth) is an abiding classic beloved by Japanese people.

Seafood seasoned with sake and steamed:

This is a dish where seafood is steamed and simmered in sake. You can choose your favorite sake to stew it with, too. Place the ingredients in a pan or pot with a lid, add the sake and other seasonings, then stew. Popular ingredients include littleneck clams, Orient clams, oysters, and haddock and other white fish.


Oysters are at their peak of freshness in winter. There are many oyster dishes in Japan; here we feature some of the most well-known ones.

Stone hot pot: a stew with miso paste

Oysters with rice: rice steamed with oysters and Japanese broth