The alcohol by volume of sake is about the same as wine or slightly higher. It feels light in the mouth, and you may be prone to drink too much. Therefore, instead of drinking it quickly, you should drink it slowly as described below.

1. Drink water. If you drink the sake alternately with the same amount of water, you will be less prone to feel drunk. This makes sense because to break down the alcohol, the liver needs water.

2. Don’t drink on an empty stomach. An empty stomach absorbs alcohol well. Since the alcohol by volume of sake is high, drinking it on an empty stomach is not good. It is best to drink sake while slowly eating hors d’oeuvre and snacks served by the izakaya pub.

3. Watch how much sake is poured in your cup. In Japan, there is a custom for people you drink with to keep filling your cup. Don’t drink each time your glass or cup is filled. Sometimes just leave it full without drinking. Enjoy your sake life!