The Prefectures

Host cities and its recomended products


“Toyota Machi-Sato Miraijuku”

Experience the many charms of Toyota! "Toyota Machi-Sato Miraijuku" is a collection of programs that allow you to experience Toyota's food, history and more. Tourists visiting Toyota can experience and enjoy these many charms.

Autumn Foliage Spots

One of the leading autumn foliage spots in the Tokai area! Korankei Gorge in the Asuke district of ​​Toyota City is home to about 4,000 Japanese maple trees and attracts tourists from all over the country during the best time of year, from mid to late November.

Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Foliage

The only place where you can see cherry blossoms and autumn leaves together! In the Obara district of ​​Toyota, there are about 10,000 cherry trees that bloom twice a year, in spring and autumn. The best time to enjoy the contrast between cherry blossoms and autumn foliage is from mid to late November.


"Sekiya Brewery, famous for its local brands Horaisen and Ichinenfudo" At Horaisen Ginjo Kobo, where they are flexible in pursuing the potential of sake and engaged in high-quality brewing, it is possible to visit the workshop at any time through a special access route.


The brewer of Kikuishi, Gold Medal winner at the Annual Japan Sake Awards Founded in 1864, Urano Brewery is creating new opportunities to meet many people through locally brewed sake, while preserving the flavor of its high-quality sake Kikuishi and other traditional handmade products.

Noda Miso Shop

"Taste real miso cultured during natural brewing" Noda Miso Shop is a miso brewery that has preserved the natural brewing process, which leaves the manufacturing to the nature of the seasons. Cultivated entirely in wooden barrels, this specialty miso allows you to enjoy the original taste and aroma of olden times.

The Koromo Festival

The spectacular sight of eight floats parading around the town! The Koromo Festival, held on October 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun) and combining boisterous and dynamic power with the flamboyance of eight floats and confetti, is one of the leading festivals in the Mikawa district.

The Sanage Festival

Don't miss the heroic performance of the local folk entertainment Bo-no-te! The Sanage Festival, held on October 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun), is a festival that dates back to the Muromachi period and is famous for its Bo-no-te, featuring the use of batons, swords, spears and sickles.

The Shibata Tofu Shop

"The ultimate taste made using delicious Obara water and selected beans" The Shibata Tofu Shop, in the Obara district of ​​Toyota, has a wide selection of recommended products such as black tofu made with black beans, green tofu made with green soybeans, nama-age (thick deep-fried tofu), ganmodoki (balls of deep-fried tofu mixed with vegetables), and abura-age (thin deep-fried tofu).

ZiZi Kobo

"Toyota's commitment to ham and wiener" ZiZi Kobo in the Asuke district of Toyota is popular for its homemade ham and Vienna sausages made by the lively, elderly chefs, who carefully examine each and every ingredient.



Fukuoka Prefecture is home to 69 breweries. The prefecture is one of the leading rice growing areas of Western Japan, and the sake industry is robust. For that reason, the prefecture is able to boast the fifth largest number of breweries, 69, among Japan's prefectures. Give "Fukusake," the sake of Fukuoka, a try.

Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Cuisine)

"Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Cuisine)" Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka offers dishes that feature plenty of ingredients from the prefecture, including Hakata Wagyu beef, natural red sea bream from the Genkai Sea, and seasonal fruits. Enjoy the cuisine of Fukuoka in Tokyo.

Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Open space)

Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Open space) This open space, about 80m2 in size, holds regular events related to Fukuoka Prefecture. Feel free to take part!

Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Sake)

"Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Sake)" The Fukuoka Prefecture antenna restaurant Fukuoka handles an abundant range of Japanese sake, including award winners at sake appraisal contests in Fukuoka prefecture. Be sure to give this restaurant a try!

Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Sales corner)

Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Sales corner) At the sales corner, you'll find processed products made from Fukuoka foods, along with traditional handicrafts. Pick up some souvenirs for friends and family!

Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Traditional handicrafts)

"Antenna Restaurant Fukuoka (Traditional handicrafts)" The interior of the shop is dotted with Hakata-ori textiles, Ookawa-kumiko woodworking, and other traditional handicrafts from Fukuoka Prefecture, and uses abundant timber from the prefecture.

Good Places to Visit ”CHIKUGO AREA”

The old buildings that remain in this district are a testament to its past as a coal-mining area that prospered until the 1950s.Visitors can also enjoy the surrounding,abundant nature.

Good Places to Visit ”CHIKUHO AREA”

There are many sightseeing spots that are centered on the culture,traditions,and topography of this Chikugo are in southern Fukuoka prefecture.Another must-try is the food made from local fruits and vegetables.

Good Places to Visit ”FUKUOKA AREA”

There is so much to see in the center and suburbs of Fukuoka City as well as in the popular neighboring city of Itoshima.This area also offers many unique experiences to all visitors.

Good Places to Visit ”KITAKYUSHU AREA”

Kitakyushu City boasts various kinds of sightseeing destinations,from historical building such as a castle,temples,and residences that are replete with traditional Japanese ambience,to renowned flower-viewing spots and night view areas.Fun,hands-on programs are also gaining popularity.


Addictive Herring

As the name “addictive herring” suggests, its delicious flavor is liable to become a habit. Containing aromatically grilled Hokkaido herring and herring roe mixed with garlic and other ingredients, Yamitsuki Nishin was made under the supervision of the “Antarctic Chef” Jun Nishimura, whose story has been made into a film.

Cans of Ezo Deer

Cans of Ezo deer, a game meat that has been much discussed recently, are also available. The Ezo deer meat is made into a soft, easy-to-eat stew flavored with soy sauce. It is also reminiscent of the old-fashioned taste of whale meat. A perfect snack to go with a drink.

Chitosetsuru Junmai Ginjo Sake

A marriage of a gorgeously fragrant Junmai Daiginjo sake and the smell of basil. “Whelk in Basil Sauce" has the texture of shellfish and the clean fresh aroma of basil, enhancing the flavor of the fragrant Chitosetsuru Junmai Ginjo sake.

Chitosetsuru Tokubetsu Junmaishu

Enjoy Junmai sake made using Hokkaido-grown rice with some refreshing onion pickles. Chitosetsuru Tokubetsu Junmaishu is painstakingly made from Hokkaido-grown sake rice. Its clean, cool flavor and the taste of the rice makes a perfect match with the acidity of Parin Porin onion pickles.

Jagaimo Korokoro Crackers

The flavor of wild garlic brings out that of the daiginjo sake. These Jagaimo Korokoro crackers are flavored with wild garlic, the quintessential mountain vegetable of Hokkaido in the spring. Enjoy them with a Daiginjo sake carefully brewed from polished Hokkaido sake rice.

Kita no Katsu Ho-oh

The sake from this historic brewery in Nemuro goes wonderfully with seafood. Hearty and drinkable, Kita no Katsu Ho-oh makes a perfect match for seafood. Sato Suisan’s Ruibe pickled salmon, popular at the Yurakucho branch of Dosanko Plaza, also makes an excellent accompaniment.

Kokushi Muso Hokkaido-Gentei

A mellow-tasting sake and smoked yellowtail make an incredible combination!! Kokushi Muso Hokkaido-Gentei, which uses “Suisei” sake rice from Hokkaido, is a Junmai Daiginjo sake with a gentle flavor to it. Enjoy it with some smoky yellowtail.

Kunimare Tokubetsu Junmaishu

We recommend herring to go with this junmaishu, alive with the savory flavor of rice. The flavor of rice lives in the the dry, clean tasting Kunimare Tokubetsu Junmaishu. Try it with some herring marinated in rice malt. This is the true taste of Hokkaido.

Kyogoku Karakuchi Honjozo

How about some grilled cheese to go with a sake made using famous spring water? With Kyogoku Karakuchi Honjozo, made using the famous waters of Niseko and Hokkaido-grown sake rice, we recommend a pairing of Caciocavallo Piccolo. Grill it and enjoy the flavor.

Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmaishu

Try a full-bodied dry sake to go with pickled herring, soul food for Hokkaido locals. Yanshu Nishinzuke, dried herring and vegetables pickled in rice malt, is soul food for the residents of Hokkaido. We recommend the full-bodied flavor of Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmaishu to go with it. The label, using the work of a local photographer, is also worth a look.


22 Sake Brewing Companies

As many as 22 sake breweries in Iwate Prefecture! Iwate is the second largest prefecture in Japan by area and has as many as 22 sake brewing companies. Each sake brewery has its own specialty and you can enjoy a variety of Japanese sakes. Please try and compare them to find your own favorite sake!

Introducing Iwate Prefecture’s Sake Vol. 1

"Introducing Iwate Prefecture's sake Vol. 1" These are sakes produced by the sake breweries in the northern part and the coastal area of Iwate Prefecture (from left in the picture): sakes from Hishiya brewery, Suisen brewery, Hamachidori, NanbuBijin, Washi no O, Fukurai, and Senkin brewery.

Introducing Iwate Prefecture’s Sake Vol. 2

"Introducing Iwate Prefecture's sake Vol. 2" These are sakes produced by the sake breweries in the central part of Iwate Prefecture (from left): sakes from Azumamine brewery, Takahashi brewery, Asabiraki, Kiku no Tsukasa brewery, Tsukinowa brewery, Akabu brewery, Hirota brewery, Sakuragao brewery, and Kawamura brewery.

Introducing Iwate Prefecture’s Sake Vol. 3

"Introducing Iwate Prefecture's sake Vol. 3" These are sakes produced by the sake breweries in the southern part of Iwate Prefecture (from left): sakes from Iwate Meijo brewery, Iwanoi brewery, Kikuzakari brewery, Kamihei brewery, and Ryoban brewery. ※There is also a sake from Sekinoichi brewery.

Iwate Ginga Plaza (food,handicrafts)

Kabuki is good, but make the most of Iwate as well! At Iwate Ginga Plaza, in front of the kabuki theater, about 1,800 products ranging from food to handicrafts from Iwate Prefecture are gathered in one place. There are also daily events held in the store. Please visit, and enjoy the various products of Iwate Prefecture.

Iwate Ginga Plaza (sake)

We carry sake from all over Iwate Prefecture. At Iwate Ginga Plaza, we carry various brewers' sake created from the jewels that are born in a climate made for sake brewing and from the skills of the chief brewers from the southern parts, which inherited the richness of the four seasons, excellent water and superb rice.

IWATE Mini Bar

Open only on the weekend! Try and compare a variety of sake at the IWATE mini bar At Iwate Ginga Plaza, you can try local sakes together with side dishes of Iwate specialties on the weekend. Japanese, Chinese or Western cuisine offers a wide selection of foods to go with the sake you are enjoying.

Iwate no tabi (Journey through Iwate)

Iwate Prefecture's tourism portal site "Iwate no tabi (Journey through Iwate)" The portal site introduces events, sightseeing spots, recommended sightseeing routes, and more in Iwate prefecture. There are also booking pages for hotels or car rentals, and you can do your entire journey planning with this single site, starting with collecting information all the way to booking your trip! If you find yourself thinking about going to Iwate, first of all access "Iwate no tabi (Journey through Iwate)"!!

Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

The Rugby World Cup 2019™ is coming to Kamaishi in Iwate! Kamaishi city, which was struck by the Great East Japan earthquake, has become a "symbol of recovery" as a host city for the Rugby World Cup 2019™ Japan! Two matches will be held in the newly constructed "Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium".

Sanriku Railway Rias Line

Eight years after the earthquake disaster, finally all lines of the "Sanriku Railway Rias line" are open! Reconstruction work in the area between Miyako station and Kamaishi station, which had been heavily damaged in the Great East Japan earthquake, is complete, and administration has been handed over to Sanriku Railways from JR. On March 23rd of this year, the "Sanriku Railway Rias line" was born, boasting a total length of 163 km in its three railways sectors and making it the longest railway stretch in Japan.


Amakusa region

Amakusa, made up of over 120 islands, large and small, surrounded by the blue sea Popular highlights in Kumamoto's Amakusa region include fresh seafood dishes, dolphin watching, the “cat island” of Yushima, walks around the “dinosaur island” of Goshoura, and Sakitsu Village, one of the Hidden Christian World Heritage sites.

Antenna Shop “the Ginza Kumamoto Kan”

We bring delicious drinks from Kumamoto, the land of water! At Kumamoto’s “antenna shop”, the Ginza Kumamoto Kan, you can enjoy a wide range of sakes and shochus made from its abundant water and rice. Try them with snacks like horsemeat sashimi and deep-fried lotus root with mustard!

Aso Region

Aso, home to one of the world’s most prominent calderas and sweeping, millennia-old grasslands Popular highlights in the Aso region of Kumamoto include the hot springs at the foot of Mt. Aso, horse trekking, and gourmet dishes using meat from Japanese Brown Cattle, reared in an environment of natural springs and sweeping grasslands that have been preserved for over a thousand years.

Enjoy Drinks from Kumamoto in Ginza!

Enjoy drinks from Kumamoto in Ginza! On the second floor of Ginza Kumamoto Kan, you can drop by and enjoy some of Kumamoto’s sake and shochu. We particularly recommend the tasting set, which lets you choose 3 kinds of shochu from 28 breweries for ¥1,200.

Green Spot

A green spot where you can take a break! Along with Kumamoto Castle, Suizen-ji Joju-en is known as one of Kumamoto City’s popular tourist spots. It is a graceful strolling garden in the Momoyama style, centered on a pond where underground water from Aso gently springs to the surface.

Kuma Shochu

Kuma Shochu: upholding a tradition of 500 years! Made from rice grown in the Hitoyoshi Kuma area in southern Kumamoto Prefecture, Kuma Shochu is one of the few branded drinks with a mark of origin recognized worldwide. Over 200 brands available!

Natural Springs

From over 1,000 natural springs and delicious rice, to sake In Kumamoto Prefecture, different types of water, such as soft water and hard water, spring up in different areas, allowing the production of sakes with unique characters! Have a try of sake from Kumamoto, the land of rice!

The Kumamoto Castle

See its gallant figure, working toward reconstruction, with your own eyes! The special opening of Kumamoto Castle begins! Kumamoto Castle, which was severely damaged by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, will finally be opened to the public on October 5 this year, commemorating the restoration of the exterior of the castle tower.

The Tourist acility “Johsaien”

Encounter Kumamoto's food and specialty products and experience the excitement of its history and culture! Johsaien, a tourist facility at the foot of Kumamoto Castle. See Kumamoto Castle as it was in the Edo period and today, recreated in virtual images. We look forward to welcoming you with a wide variety of drinks and specialties unique to Kumamoto.

Traditional Dishes

Enjoy Kumamoto sake together with some of the region’s traditional dishes! Kumamoto’s local dish, “karashi renkon” (deep-fried lotus root filled with mustard and miso) is a traditional taste that has endured since the Edo period! On the second floor of Ginza Kumamoto Kan, you can drop by and enjoy a set menu of karashi renkon, horsemeat sashimi, and Kumamoto sake.


Antenna Shop “Zarai Oita”

"Oita Prefecture's Official Antenna Shop - Zarai Oita" Zarai Oita is a Japanese cuisine restaurant in Ginza. They offer freshly prepared sekisaba, Bungo beef, and local seasonal vegetables along with hand selected traditional craft items.

Chicken Cuisine

Oita - The Kingdom of Chicken! The local cuisine features chicken tempura, chicken rice, and fried chicken! Oita is a treasure chest of chicken cuisine! Visit Oita and try our cuisine together with a glass of sake.

Hot Spring in Beppu

Welcome to the Hells of Beppu - the Best Hot Spring Location in Japan! From August 10 through October 20, we will hold an activity based event to liven up the nights in Kannawa! We have made a number of preparations to express the magnificence of Beppu's Kannawa both during the day and at night.

Kokonoe “Yume” Drawbridge

Free Samples! A Great Chance to Discover Your New Favorite Sake! Visit us when you come by the Kokonoe "Yume" Drawbridge, the largest pedestrian drawbridge in Japan. We serve a variety of sake that is highly rated both domestically and abroad. 3364, Migita, Ooaza, Kokonoe-cho, Kusu-gun, Oita

Oita Kabosu

"Oita Kabosu - A Special Product of Oita" Oita Kabosu stand out for their bright aroma and gentle sourness. Their juice brings out the flavor of dishes such as sashimi, fried fish, and miso soup, as well as drinks.

Oita Mii

Usajinguu. Oita's Unique Sake, "Oita Mii" Established 150 years ago. They brew "Oita Mii", Oita's unique junmai. Near to the brewery you will find the Usajinguu, the head temple of 40,000 temples nation wide, and designated national treasure.

Seishu Nishinoseki

Rich, with Umami! Now this is Kyushu Sake! "Seishu Nishinoseki", the Kyushu style sake made by Kyushu born sake brewers has a strong flavor that makes the perfect companion for Kyushu cuisine.

Tenryo Nitta

Smooth, with a Crisp Flavor "Tenryo Nitta", Kyushu's little Kyoto, is famous for its water and history. From a brewery established in 1789, this special junmai sake was made with techniques passed down through the ages using the cold basin climate and pure water from the underground for a strong, layered flavor.

The Usuki Stone Buddhas

"Wonderful! The Usuki Stone Buddhas" The Usuki Stone Buddhas (Buddhas carved into the rock face) are among the most notable stone Buddhas in Japan, and are the first rock face Buddhas to be designated as national treasure in the entire nation. With their breadth of facial expressions, they bring calmness to those who look upon them.

Usuki Sake

"All Oita Usuki・Sake with the Flavor of the Local Landscape" A special junmai sake brewed by Kuge Honten, which was established in 1860. It is made using 100% Wakamizu, a sake-specialized rice produced in Usuki, Oita. It's great both hot and chilled.


Akishika Ikkan-Tsukuri

"Akishika Brewing Co. Ltd. - Akishika Ikkan-Tsukuri" Using famous Yamada Nishiki rice cultivated by their own unique method of sustainable farming, this product has been named after their method of "integrated sake making from rice making to brewing".

Amanosake Ginjo Kissho

It is both delicate and vivacious. Its dry, but richly sweet, with a sturdy taste that keeps you coming back for more, on par with a daiginjo. "Kissho" is named after a buildingーKisshoin, in Gongo Temple on Mt. Amano.

Daiginjo Gen-ou Katanosakura

It has a fragrance reminiscent of fruit, and a dry fruity flavor.


This junmai daiginjoshu has both a deep flavor and rich aroma, and is made with Hyogo Prefecture's Yamada nishiki milled to 35%.

Ginjo Kizake (Pure Sake) Takamura

"Terada Shuzo Co. Ltd. - Ginjo Kizake (Pure Sake) Takamura" This is kizake (pure sake) of daiginjo standard, so you can enjoy the original taste of the sake.

Ginjogenshu Shokazuru

This sake is brewed over two years in a brewery surrounded by nature.

Goshun Tokugin (Special Ginjo Sake)

"Goshun Co. Ltd. - Goshun Tokugin (Special Ginjo Sake)" Using Akatsukiomachi rice, which is particularly well-suited to brewing, this is a ginjo sake which is delicious and aromatic.

Kiyotsuru 163 nenme no Osake

"Kiyotsuru Shuzo CO., LTD. - Kiyotsuru 163 nenme no Osake" Uses the famous Yamada Nishiki short-grain rice, with a 60% polished rice ratio. Both fragrant and delicious, this is an elegant sake.

Kuninocho Daiginjo Sake

"Kotobuki Brewing Co. Ltd.- Kuninocho Daiginjo Sake" This is a masterpiece which has pursued a depth of flavor while also having a heightened fragrance.

Miwafuku Junmai Daiginjo – Komenohana

"Isaka-syuzojyou Co. Ltd. - Miwafuku Junmai Daiginjo - Komenohana" A rich flavor and mellow fragrance, born from the Senshu climate.

Seishu Niwadani Junmai Ginjo Sake

"Kitashouji Brewing Company Co. Ltd. - Seishu Niwadani Junmai Ginjo Sake" A junmai ginjo sake made with 100% Yamada Nishiki rice, grown in Niwadani, Osaka, with no-tillage cultivation, using no agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers.

Special Honjozo “Midoriichi” Genshu Sake

"Yoshida-shuzo Co. Ltd. - Special Honjozo 'Midoriichi' Genshu Sake" You can really taste the mouthfeel of this midoriichi genshu sake, which has had nothing added to it and remains just as if it was freshly squeezed, by chilling the sake and enjoying it on the rocks.

Yoshinosugi No Tarusake (Cedar Barrel Sake)

"Choryo Shuzo Co.,LTD - Yoshinosugi no Tarusake (Cedar Barrel Sake)" This sake features an exquisite balance of richness and umami taste derived from the cedar barrels, and the sweetness which can be sensed faintly within the clear cedar fragrance.


"Naniwa Brewery Co. - Zendaimimon" Sake which has been milled and refridgerated for over 10 years, from up Yamada Nishiki rice, polished up to 19%.


“Saitama Nikko”

Power spot known as "Saitama Nikko" It is a national treasure of authentic decorative architecture, elaborately made by the common people. This is one of Japan's three sacred heavens, and it is abuzz with people, as it is believed to have the benefit of linking all good relationships together. 〔Menuma Syoudenzan〕1627, Menuma, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama

“Soba, Sake and Cuisine” Bunraku Azumakura

Prepare your stomach before the match "soba, sake and cuisine" Bunraku Azumakura Japanese soba and sake have a deep connection. You can enjoy flavored coarsely-ground soba noodles and small dishes with sake directly from the warehouse (on the same site). 7 minute walk from Ageo Station West Exit. (Reservation required on weekends) 〔Bunraku azumakura〕 2-5-5, Kamicho,Ageo-shi, Saitama

A brewery with the theme of “All Saitama”

A brewery with the theme of "All Saitama", born in the scenic spot "Nagato" This shop has a diverse range of local specialties. Nagatoro brand sake is a rare gem which can only be purchased here. You can visit the koji preparation room anytime after the tour course. 〔Fuzisaki Sobe Shoten,Inc.〕 1158, Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama

A Long-established Storehouse in Chichibu

This long-established storehouse is in Chichibu, where the Kuranai well was certified as being one of the 100 best waters The 209-year-old store has been designated as a nationally designated registered tangible cultural property. You can bring your own containers with you during business hours. The water quality of this sake is hard, masculine and slightly dry. 〔Bukou Syuzo,Inc.〕 21-27, Miyakawacho, Chichibu-shi, Saitama

A traditional Japanese boat

Enjoy the beauty of the world-famous Nagatoro Valley in a traditional Japanese boat! Descend downstream as you enjoy dynamic natural scenery, with the expression changing alongside the riffles and pools as you glide through Arakawa. The meandering flow and the scenery are truly breathtakingly beautiful. Information Center located in front of Nagatoro Station (Chichibu Railway) 〔Arakawa-Rainkudari〕259-2, Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama

Gonda Sake Brewery

"Sake brewery in Kumagaya City, the Saitama of the World Cup" "Naomi" is the representative brand of Gonda Sake Brewery, the only brewery in Kumagaya. You can purchase 55-year-aged sake made during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics at this lively brewery where people gather together. 〔Gonda Syuzo,Inc〕 1491,Mikajiri,Kumagaya-shi,Saitama

Higashi Matsuyama Black Pig Head Yakitori

Saitama Soul Food Eaten With Miso Dressing: Higashi Matsuyama Black Pig Head Yakitori In Higashi Matsuyama City, yakitori involves grilling pork head meat over charcoal. Then, eat with spicy miso dressing. It's so good, be careful not to over-eat! 〔Yakitori-hibiki Higashimatuyama-honten〕1-13-15, Yakyucho, Higashimatsuyama-shi, Saitama

Takizawa Sake Brewery

Sparkling sake is a hot topic! Takizawa Sake Brewery is entirely made of bricks from Fukaya, including its 20m tall chimney, the outer wall of the kojimuro room, and the eastern storehouse. The sake is fragrant and clean, with a taste that pairs well with food. 〔Takizawa Syuzo,Inc.〕 9-20, Tadokorocho, Fukaya-shi, Saitama

Udon Kingdom Saitama

"Noodles for ALL, ALL for Noodles" Udon Kingdom Saitama Saitama Prefecture is the prefecture with the second largest udon consumption in the country, and is a fierce udon battle zone with many famous shops. Kumagaya Udon won the Grand Prix two years in a row at the National Udon Summit! 〔Kumatamaya〕KumagayaSt. Grounds, 〔Yorimichiya〕1-108, Tsukuba, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama

Yokota Sake Brewery

"The nearest sake brewery to the Saitama venue of the World Cup" Yokota Sake Brewery is a talented brewery which wins prizes every year at the highest sake contest. They continue authentic sake brewing while protecting the family traditions of “Mutual Benefit” and “Don't Forget The Beginner's Heart”. 〔Yokota Syuzo,Inc.〕 2-29-3, Sakuracho, Gyoda-shi, Saitama



"Homarefuji, Shizuoka Prefecture’s original sake rice" A variety registered in 2005, Homarefuji is Shizuoka Prefecture’s first original type of sake rice. It reputedly facilitates brewing sake with few off-flavors.

Shizuoka Prefecture Local Sake—Central

"Introduction to Shizuoka Prefecture Local Sake—Central" There are many historic sake breweries along the Tokaido, a major artery for transportation and trade that goes back to the Edo period. The Shida region has also attracted attention for the sake breweries selected to provide sake for toasts at the Toyako G8 Summit.

Shizuoka Prefecture Local Sake—East

Introduction to Shizuoka Prefecture Local Sake—East It is surrounded by world-class natural beauty, including the Mt. Fuji world heritage site and the Izu Peninsula, a designated global geopark. Local sake made with its natural water is exquisite.

Shizuoka Prefecture Local Sake—West

"Introduction to Shizuoka Prefecture Local Sake—West" The western part of the prefecture, which includes Rugby World Cup site Fukuroi, is the prefecture largest rice-producing region. In addition to its traditional sake brewing, it is also highly regarded for it creative sake brewing as well.

Shizuoka Prefecture’s Local Sake and Cuisine in Tokyo Edition

Places to enjoy Shizuoka Prefecture’s local sake and cuisine—Tokyo Edition Introducing restaurants run by natives of Shizuoka Prefecture and restaurants where you can enjoy the sake and cuisine of Shizuoka Prefecture! Savor a wide variety of Shizuoka flavors to suit your mood on any given day. Shizuoka Manpuku Book in Tokyo Vol. 2

Shizuoka Sake Festival

"Local sake from all over Shizuoka under one roof on October 1st" Visitors can taste local sake from all over Shizuoka Prefecture at the 32nd Annual Shizuoka Sake Festival. Tickets are ¥2,500. Time: October 1st (Tue.) from 6:30 PM Venue: Hotel Century Shizuoka (18-1 Minamicho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken)

Shizuoka yeast

"Shizuoka yeast is familiar to any fan of Japanese sake" Shizuoka yeast is a unique type of sake yeast developed in Shizuoka prefecture which has sparked interest about Shizuoka’s local sake. Refined sake brewed with Shizuoka yeast is called “Shizuoka-style ginjo,” and it has a mild flavor and aroma perfect for pairing with a meal.

Shizuoka’s local sake in France

You can drink Shizuoka’s local sake in France!? Shizuoka Prefecture will be making its first appearance at the Salon du Sake event in France. Seven sake breweries will exhibit products. Time: October 5th (Sat.) and 6th (Sun.) from 10:00 AM Venue: New Cap Event Center (3 Quai de Grenelle, 75015 Paris)

Specialty Store Oishizu

Shizuoka Prefecture Specialty Store Oishizu It sells specialty products from Shizuoka Prefecture, including local sake. Fujinokuni Oishii Dokoro Shizuoka Inside Chabara, 8-2 Kanda Neribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


High Quality Sake

Enjoy high quality sake in Tokyo Tokyo is home to restaurants, izakayas, and sake shops which carry various types of sake from all over Japan. In addition, there are historic sake breweries which have existed in Tokyo since the Edo period.

Toyo Festival!!

Experience the abundant produce of Tokyo's agriculture, forestry, and fisheries at Toyosu! "Toyo Festival!!" is an event where you can enjoy food made using local ingredients and sake from Tokyo. It will be held in block 6 of Toyosu Market on October 25th and 26th, and includes an agriculture, forestry, and fishery experience corner!