Why not make your next dinner a simple affair with delicious canned foods? No prep required means you can have them at any time. Canned goods can be stored for long periods at room temperature, so there are many products on the market designed as snacks or side dishes. Since canned goods come in small quantities, they’re also perfect to eat in one sitting.

Classic pairings with Japanese sake include seafood, chicken, and other savory dishes. Some products come pre-seasoned and can be eaten as-is, while others can be enhanced a bit as follows:

Heat up oiled sardines with garlic and chili pepper in the oven

Lightly sautée some

Spam Lightly toast rillettes and place on thinly-sliced bread

Other popular canned snacks in Japan include yakitori (grilled chicken) and fish stewed in a sweet and spicy sauce. If you come to Japan, we definitely encourage you to try these!