Rugby x SAKE

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December 2nd (Monday), 2019, 18:00 JST


Post your best “kampai!” shots on Instagram. If you have one of the 5 posts that gets the most “likes,” you’ll win a free pair of tickets to Japan"


  • You can post your kampai shot any number of times
  • A person who has an Instagram account
  • Living in a country other than Japan
  • You have reached the age of alcohol intake in your country of residence. In addition, those who can agree to the terms of use and notes.

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The Messages

Messages from Embassies and Related Organizations that participate in one of the biggest rugby tournaments in 2019.
To cheer up their national rugby team, to suggest a typical dish of the country which may go to with sake, and to introduce attractions of the country.





The Prefectures

You should know the information of local sake and local products and attractions from 12 prefectures.
Those prefectures will have the venues of the tournament.
Find information about them as follows.


"Noodles for ALL, ALL for Noodles" Udon Kingdom Saitama Saitama Prefecture is the prefecture with the second largest udon consumption in the country, and is a fierce udon battle zone with many famous shops. Kumagaya Udon won the Grand Prix two years in a row at the National Udon Summit! 〔Kumatamaya〕KumagayaSt. Grounds, 〔Yorimichiya〕1-108, Tsukuba, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama


As many as 22 sake breweries in Iwate Prefecture! Iwate is the second largest prefecture in Japan by area and has as many as 22 sake brewing companies. Each sake brewery has its own specialty and you can enjoy a variety of Japanese sakes. Please try and compare them to find your own favorite sake!

POP UP Sake Store and Sake Sparkling Bar

Sparkling Sake and Sake Tasting in Tsukiji

ZEN Karasuma KYOTO Pop-up Kyoto

Restaurant Arashiyama Pop-up Sparkling Sake Bar

Where you can buy sake

You can enjoy sake while traveling in Japan.
Also, you can enjoy sake in your country.
Check out in your home town.